Mom Confession: My Kids Wear Their School Clothes to Bed! (VIDEO)

cafemom confessionsMornings: I hate them.

I've never liked them (more of a night owl, personally), but now that I have two kids who are as bleary-eyed and dysfunctional when they wake up as their mom, the hours between 6 and 8 a.m. are nothing short of sheer torture. That's why I totally sympathize with the mom featured in this episode of CafeMom Studios' Coffee Shop Confessions: "I Put My Kids to Bed in Their School Clothes!"


Apparently this particular mom was having trouble getting her three kids out the door on time in the morning ... until she started putting them to bed in their school clothes! Brilliant!

Or not. The Coffee Shop moms were divided on the topic: With two "smelly" boys at home, Alex McCord was kind of horrified by the idea, while Julia Knight thought simply setting the alarm clock to an earlier time was a more practical solution.

But Timberly Whitfield was pro-wearing school clothes to bed (she must be a non-morning type like me!). And Andrew Shue understood, pointing out that some kids are "zombies" in the morning (he must have kids like mine!).

Are mornings crazy at your house?

Would you ever put your kids to bed in their school clothes?

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