2-Year-Old's R-Rated Pronunciation of 'Vacuum' Is Cute Not Crass (VIDEO)

Foul languageAww. Isn’t it just adorable when kids try to say one thing and end up saying something completely different? Every mama has some embarrassing story to hold on to and conveniently relive when their babies turn into teenagers. But the parents of this sassy little two-year-old are going to have a really juicy one—and they were kind enough to share it with the rest of us to giggle and gasp at.

It only sounds like the little girl has gotten a jump start on a phrase that will ultimately come in handy in traffic and bad breakups. In the meantime, she’s only innocently trying to pronounce “vacuum.” Honest.


Now that’s hilarious. And Dad is getting a pretty big kick out of it. Kayla’s probably wondering why her dad keeps asking her to repeat herself. Maybe she’ll develop an affinity for vacuuming in the process. Parents winning!

Usually I’m not a proponent of naughty kiddie moments—a lot of people seem to see the humor and get a good hoot from little people saying totally inappropriate, very adult things—but the fact that little Kayla a) has no idea what she’s mistakenly saying and b) is clueless about what it even means is part of the innocence of it. And that makes it cute. Now, let’s just hope her little speech impediment clears up before she gets much older.

Have your kids dropped any pronunciation bloopers?

Image via ms.akr/Flickr

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