8 Messes Made by Toddlers That Make Mommy Want a Drink

toddler paintI get misty-eyed sometimes when I go through pictures of my son when he was just a toddler. Those sweet chubby cheeks, that feathery hair, his little ways. But there is one thing I have absolutely no nostalgia for: The messes. We had some gigantic toy disasters, especially after play dates. But as parents of young devils know, the messes can get a lot deeper than that. And a lot harder to clean up.

Take a walk down memory lane as we recall some of the worst toddler-made disasters in our lives.

That time she poured baby powder all over everything. That time he got into your glitter. The toilet paper bonanza of 2009. Or that fateful day when you thought it might be fun to paint together. Ha! It was not. SIGH. Aren't you glad you didn't have to clean up these messes?


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