5 Hilarious & Heartwarming Reactions to Pregnancy Announcements (VIDEOS)

mom and daughter after she announced pregnancy

There are few great surprises in life once you're an adult, but actually learning that you're pregnant for the first time is one of them. It's amazing enough to get the news yourself, but when you're ready to share it with friends and families, it's truly one of the most memorable times of your life. 

People come up with all sorts of creative ways to deliver the news, and the reactions are varied but (almost) always touching. Some are just a little more enthusiastic and tear-inducing than others. For example, the parents in this first video are so happy when they get the news from their daughter, you can't help but cheer for them.


Don't you just want to join in their celebration? If only all babies were as joyfully anticipated as this lucky little one. Here are four more awesome reactions to pregnancy news:

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Telling siblings about the news can go either way, but this little girl has the sweetest reaction (forward to about 3:20 if you're short on time):

This one didn't go quite as planned when the kids were told, but it's pretty hilarious nonetheless.

Here are two dads who get the news that they're going to be grandpas. There's some profanity, so be careful who's around when you watch, but their joy is infectious.

In this one there's no big emotional outburst, but it's absolutely heartwarming to see this dad react to news that his wife is pregnant after undergoing fertility treatments.

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What's the best reaction you got when you shared news of your pregnancy?


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