Big Sister Gets Baby to Belly Laugh & the Joy Is Contagious (VIDEO)

Sometimes you watch a video and it puts you in a good mood all day long. That happened to me with this video. The mom (my cousin) who shot the video sent it to me last week and I have watched it every day since. At least once. Sometimes twice. Why? Because it just makes me smile. There is something so adorable about seeing big sister Jada seriously crack up her baby sister. No one else can get her going like that. Now that is love!


Do you see what I mean? You have a very persistent big sister doing everything she can think of to make her baby sister, Chloe, laugh. But it's not just some little giggle, she is laughing so hard her whole tiny body is shaking ... she is kicking her feet and wiggling her body. Really, what is there not to love? And hearing her mom at the end say, "Chloe has never laughed this hard before" ... it tops it all off. You can just feel the happy energy. Precious!

In your house, does big sis or big bro know just how to make their little siblings crack up?

Image via Jodi Goldstein

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