Scared of 'Sanctimommies'? Get Thicker Skin (VIDEO)

kristen chaseThere's no escaping the "sanctimommies." Not even the sanctimommy within! In this week's episode of The Kristen Chase Show, Kristen sits down with Ilana Wiles of MommyShorts to talk about judgy moms. Ilana is a new-ish mom to a 2-year-old girl, and she admits she can be a little sensitive about judgement from other moms.

Kristen, on the other hand, has had a few years to get used to the sanctimommies. They don't really bother her anymore. In fact, she wonders, Why do we care so much about what other moms think?


But first, Kristen comes clean with her own list of things she judges other moms for.

Kids eating junk food: Yup, I'm with her there. Don't feed your kids junk! Unless you have a good excuse. And everyone does occasionally.

Disrespectful kids: Totally. Of course, I really have to wonder about parents who are totally disrespectful in the way they teach their children to be respectful.

Kids out late at bars and fancy restaurants: Comple-- oh wait. I've done that a couple times. But yeah, people who go out late want to work on getting laid without being reminded of the consequences.

Spanking: Don't get me started. We've talked about spanking on The Stir, and people have really strong opinions.

Kids on leashes: Looks bad, yes. But I've had friends who sincerely needed them. A child on a leash is still better than a lost child.

"Maybe my inner sanctimommy needs to lighten up a little bit," Kristen says. Nahhh. That's too much work. Embrace your inner sanctimommy, for she is your inner parenting compass! And everyone else just needs to get thicker skin.

Are you in touch with your inner sanctimommy?


Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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