Working Moms Get Mom Guilt Too (VIDEO)

There's a lot of talk right now about the Mommy Wars...but most of us know we have plenty in common with the "other" kind of moms whether they go to an office or stay home (or work from an office at home). One thing we've all got wayyyy too much of?

Mom guilt.

Piles of it, no matter whether we work or stay home. 


Lots of that comes from other moms (sometimes even our own). People say things like "I just couldn't be gone all day" or "Isn't it hard to send her to daycare?" not even thinking how that might be heard by the person they are saying it to. And of course on the other side there's a lot of "when are you going back to work, already?" or "Don't you worry about destroying your career in this economy?"

One thing I am trying really hard to do is assume the best of other moms....if they work, assume they have reasons that are absolutely valid, and assume the same thing if they stay home.

As Jaime explains in this video about mom guilt, she works because she wants her young daughter to understand she can be anything when she grows up, whether that's a SAHM or a business person or the President of the United States.


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How do you deal with mom guilt?

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