14 Incredible Motherhood Quotes to Make Mom Feel Amazing

Jeanne Sager | May 13, 2012 Being a Mom
14 Incredible Motherhood Quotes to Make Mom Feel Amazing

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Call me a sucker, but I love quotes about motherhood -- I love the way other women can completely express how I feel and put into words this crazy experience. I can read them, and I feel like I'm a superhero -- at least for a day. This is also why I love the Internet: I can save all those lovely quotes about why being a mom is the bomb right where I can get at them: on my computer, on my iPhone, oh, and right here, on CafeMom. 

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As a writer, I obviously love words. I think about them all day and words are the way I organize my feelings. So when I see the words of other mothers who can so accurately explain what it feels like to be a mom, raise a child, sacrifice, and care -- well, I get a little choked up with emotion. Some days I just need to feel like someone else understands. When the right words hit me, it really does feel like I'm being supported by other women who want to share in both my hardships and my joy -- because there are both in the job of being a parent. We've collected some of the loveliest, most inspiring bits of wisdom about being a mother that one will ever read. Just check them out!

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And tell us, which quotes about motherhood get it right?


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