Mother's Day Gifts for Pregnant Women Are Kind of Ridiculous

mothers day giftI'm excited for Mother's Day this year, because for the first time ever, I'll be a mom. Granted, I'll be a brand-new mom (my due date is tomorrow), but a mom nonetheless. I look forward to a relaxed day, where I'm treated to something special. Maybe a bouquet of flowers from my husband and, of course, a little trinket or card from my daughter.

I imagine that the feeling I'll get from opening something from my child -- something that's addressed to "Mom" -- will be like nothing I've ever experienced. Save for a few joke cards "from my dog," I've never been referred to as "Mom" -- because I've never been a mom! This Mother's Day, I'll feel like I'm part of this exclusive club who gets their very own exclusive day, and it will totally have been worth the wait.

However, if I were still pregnant come Mother's Day, I wouldn't expect jack from anyone. Because, technically, pregnant women aren't moms yet, so they kinda don't deserve a Mother's Day gift.


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Being pregnant is hard work. I know. Believe me, at 40 weeks, I know. But I think that giving a Mother's Day gift to a pregnant woman takes the fun out of future Mother's Days when they're actual mothers. It's jumping the gun a little bit. I mean, a cute card from your husband is one thing, but a full-blown gift is pretty unnecessary. I sort of liken it to throwing your child a semi-elaborate "Half Birthday Party" when he or she turns 6 months old (yep, people do that). It's too much, too soon. And it makes the big birthday party -- the 1 year birthday party -- all that much less special.

If you're toward the end of your pregnancy during Mother's Day, I know, it's kind of a bummer if you "can't" celebrate it. But just think about next year. You'll have a 1-year-old giving you a card -- and he or she will probably even be able to say "Mom" to boot. Isn't that worth the wait?

Do you think pregnant women should get Mother's Day gifts?

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