Meet the World's Cutest Anti-Breastfeeding Advocate (VIDEO)

no breastfeeding

We've all gotten the news that breastfeeding is great for your baby. But is it good for your baby's big sister? This 3-year-old says HELL NO! Watch this little girl freak the hell out when she finds out how Mama feeds her new baby brother. It's like she's joined the Barbara Walters/Facebook anti-breastfeeding brigade. Warning: Shrill screaming ahead.


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"No, it's going to crack ... your boobie!" Girlfriend speaks the truth. There's a good chance there will be some cracked nipples in this feeding situation. (Lansinoh, use Lansinoh.) But point well taken. Baby brother is going to devour her mom, obs, and she can't let it happen! Worst day in this little girl's life, for reals: The Day the Baby Ate Mama.

It's so sweet how concerned she is over her mom. Or is this the first stirring of sibling rivalry? Can "put the baby back in" be far behind? Little Brother better watch his back!

How did your older kids react to first seeing you breastfeed a new baby?


Image via meganlucille100/YouTube

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