5 Babies Giggling So Hard They'll Chase Your Blues Away (VIDEOS)

laughing babyI have a theory. If we could take baby giggles and bottle them up, they could be used to cure all the world's ills. War. Depression. Sibling rivalry.

I can't put my finger on why it's so wonderful, to be honest. But hear a baby laugh, and you have no excuse to be sad. Which is why we have found five of the most infectious, most uplifting baby laughs you will EVER hear, and gathered them all in one place. Bookmark this baby, because any time you are feeling like Eeyore, these little cuties will pick you right up:


At 10 months old, this little guy doesn't need toys! A fake sneeze is all it takes to get him going.

Want to make a 14-month-old boy laugh so hard his face goes red? Grab your kitchen towel and flick at the flies -- works every time! Or it did for this little man:

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Who can forget Micah? One of the most famous giggling babies of all time, he was 8 months old when his work-at-home dad got a rejection letter. Ripping it up might have been good therapy for dad, but it was absolutely hilarious to little Micah! And his laugh was so funny, even celebrities were caught tweeting about it:

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Think it takes a lot of work to entertain a baby? All mom had to do to get him going was pop his binky into her mouth:

You know a kid's happy when the laugh comes straight from the belly! And what a cute little belly 4-month-old Emilio has:

What do you have to do to make your kiddo laugh?


Image via spanielmom93/YouTube

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