7 Bad Mom 'Mistakes' That Good Moms Make

naughtyLet's face it. We all go into parenthood with the best of intentions. We are going to rock this whole raising kids things! And that chick at the supermarket who just grabbed her toddler by the shoulder and hissed in his ear? We are so judging her.

Well, until reality hits. And suddenly all those best laid plans are lost in an explosion of baby powder and Play-Doh on your living room floor. You are making mistakes left and right, and you are that mom you judged. Only now you understand her because you have the back story on that bad mom move, and it doesn't seem that bad after all!

So let's look at some of the bad mom mistakes that good moms have made, huh? 


1. Put her to bed without supper -- No matter what I said, she was refusing to eat! So if she wasn't hungry, I wasn't forcing it down her throat ... guess who woke up the next morning ready for breakfast!

2. Let her go to school in shorts on a cold day -- B's daughter was insistent that it was warm enough for shorts, and allllllll her friends' moms were letting them wear summery clothes. So B. gave in. The way she saw it; one day being chilly would put a stop to the whining. It did (and yes, she sent her with a coat to put on so she wasn't freezing to death!).

3. Smacked him in the face -- C's son unexpectedly bit her, hard, on the leg! And she said the reaction was automatic, like slapping at a mosquito when it bites you ... not as punishment.

4. Hit my daughter square in the face with a doorknob -- You know how kids can't climb out of a crib until all of a sudden one day they do? I could hear my daughter crying after naptime, so I ran up to her room, and threw the door open to get her out of her crib ... only she wasn't in her crib! She was standing right behind the door, having JUST learned how to climb out. And that knob and her little face were right at the same level. Worst mom ever?

5. Left my 3-year-old daughter in time-out for 45 minutes -- C's daughter was so quiet in time out, she actually forget she was there ... when she realized almost an hour had gone by, she went up there and found her flat out asleep!

6. Forgot to pick him up from school -- You know what happens when the school changes its schedule, and you're at home with a busy toddler? You do what C did: totally forget that they changed the schedule.

7. Let her kid to go to school without underwear on -- There comes a time in every mom's life when she is just so relieved her kid can dress herself, that she does not question when said kid comes out of her bedroom wearing a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt without holes. But when J got the text from the babysitter asking if she was aware that her daughter wasn't wearing underwear, she was mortified. Then it got worse: turns out the kid had gone to school that way three times! Guess who is making the kid get dressed in the living room now?

Come on, you know you have a story that sounds bad until you tell the whole thing. Spill!


Image via Lara604/Flickr

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