Banning Kids From Airlines Is Kind of a Good Idea

banning kids from airplane
Let me on!
So it's happened. An actual airline has issued a ban on children under the age of 12 in parts of their planes. Big parts, as Malaysia Airlines has said no kids allowed in their top level business and economy class, and no babies in their first class section on the bottom level.

While I can think of people I've travelled with who are a hell of a lot more offensive than my children, my initial anger at this proclamation from Malaysia Air has turned into joy. Why, you may ask?


Because I don't want to sit next to you either. If you find children so incredibly disturbing as fellow human beings on the earth, I'm pretty sure you're an unpleasant person and I would love for you and your misery to be seated far away from me and my (charming, sometimes loud) small children.

I don't need your nasty looks when my son announces his love for Gordon the train, or my daughter wonders out loud if we're almost there. Because for some people, every single thing a child does is offensive. Even just hanging out and being a child. Those people should have their own section on an airplane. Preferably in the back, next to the bathrooms.

Malaysia Airlines does make a point of saying their bottom economy section is family-friendly, with its own entrance and eight toilets to accommodate everyone. So I do appreciate that. In fact, that seems like a much bigger selling point than the banning of the kids upstairs.

Just remember passengers who pay for the "kid-free" section, annoying travelers come in all ages. By avoiding a child, you could be gaining a nose-picking, gas-passing over-sharer. Good luck with that.

What do you think about this new policy?

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