6 Toddlers Try Lemons for the First Time & Hilarity Ensues (VIDEOS)

sour toddlerYou know what never, ever gets old? Watching toddlers and babies try to eat lemons. That sour-face picker, the little shudder they do -- priceless! I couldn't get enough of it when my son was a toddler.

That's why I've curated this lovely selection of toddlers eating lemons and limes. Watch these kids' faces turn inside-out with sourly sour sourness. Mmm, lemons, tasty tasty.


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You gotta give it to this little guy -- he's persistent. He knows this thing the grownups gave him is painfully tart. And yet -- strangely intriguing! He tries it over and over again just to make sure it really is that sour.

Same with this guy. I think we have a lemon fan on our hands. Can Sour Patch Kids be far behind?

What makes the toddler sourface so fun is that their little faces are already so chubby -- so those sweet cheeks look hysterical when they pucker.

Oh the cute! This baby slays me. Apparently he slays his parents, too.

This is actually just a lemon ice, but OMG, the face!

This little guy came to the conclusion that lemons are so hideous they can only be good for cleaning tables. Good call, little dude, although someday you'll discover lemon bars. Nom.

Has your child tried lemons or limes yet?


Image via pkelley7777/YouTube

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