G-Rated Movies Are for Kids Not Grouchy Adults

kids at the movies
All Kids Allowed!
There's a billboard right outside my child's pre-school that seems to be reserved for all the latest movie releases. This means my kids had plenty of time to obsess over the release date of The Lorax. Of course we were going. OF COURSE. Now they're onto counting down the days until The Pirates! Band of Misfits is up on a screen near us.

These are movies for kids, and so no one should be surprised that when you sit down to enjoy that movie, you just might be surrounded by kids. And kids are antsy, occasionally loud, and always unpredictable. So do you expect to enjoy a G-rated movie in silence? Some people do, for some bizarre reason.


There are some places that kids should be allowed to be kids: Playgrounds, Chuck E. Cheese, and G-rated movies. Personally, I find great relief when I load up my toddler and my kindergartner and head to one of these free-for-all locations. And if there are other kids going crazy, I'm even more relieved. After all, if this is the scene I'm walking into, I don't have to worry about what my kids are going to do next.

I expend a lot of energy making sure my kids are well-behaved when we walk into a normal restaurant or head to the grocery store. I shouldn't have to stay in this mode when I'm surrounded by other kids. Even if that means I miss a crucial moment of dialogue between animated characters. That's why they release these movies on Netflix.

So the next time you're out at a kid-friendly venue, and you think things are getting a bit too loud, remember why you're there. It's to entertain children and let adults take a break from the non-stop monitoring.

Do you freak out if kids are loud at the movies?

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