Dad Captures 12 Years of Daughter's Life in Less Than 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

LotteWe know it; we hear it all the time; but in the midst of the daily grind, temper tantrums, and tried days, it's hard to remember just how quickly our children grow sometimes. So I always love the reminders that come along and stop me in my tracks and make me pause and try to take a breath and soak it all in. Actually, I both love and hate them, because they also make me desperately sad about the fleeting time we have with our children.

One dad captured beautifully the transformation over the years of his daughter, Lotte (adorable name and girl btw), through a series of videos. Posted on Vimeo, he said he filmed his daughter every week for 12 years. The result is amazing.



I love the thought of this dad having the dedication and love for his daughter to film her each and every week. What an incredible bonding time for them, and what an incredible keepsake of her childhood. It makes me wish I had done the same thing for my children, but seeing as how their baby books give me massive anxiety, I'm not sure I could do it.

Still, it does make me want to capture more -- if not necessarily on video or film, then just in my heart. Watching things like this is a powerful reminder that no matter how difficult parts of this parenting journey are, we're privileged to be on it.

In what ways do you capture the moments of your children's childhoods?

Image via Vimeo

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