Clean-Freak Tot Makes Housekeepers Everywhere Fear for Their Jobs (VIDEO)

baby cleanIf only kids stayed as fascinated by household chores as this little guy. He's still at that magical stage of toddlerhood when spray bottles and rags are as much fun to play with as blocks and bouncy balls.

Oh, how I miss that age! Except, of course, it's not like tiny kids are actually all that helpful when they "help." Hence the adorably poor aim this boy has with the spray bottle and the dropping of the rag ("uh-oh!").

How awesome would it be if kids retained their enthusiasm for, say, loading the dishwasher, when they had the motor skills sufficient to complete the task?


Alas, there are no such cases of continued zest-for-chores on record. Which pretty much goes to show: Once kids feel like they HAVE to do something, it's just not fun anymore. Would reverse psychology get the floor swept? ("Now don't even bother asking me if you can have a turn with the mop, because there's no way I'm going to let you!!")

Sadly, I doubt it. But I might try anyway. And when it doesn't work, I'll just relive memories like this one:

Does your toddler like to "help" around the house?


Image via sheb63/YouTube

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