5 Even Deadlier Pregnancy Sins I Confess to Committing

Okay, it's time to come clean. Last week I wrote about some of the deadly pregnancy sins I committed when I was expecting my baby girl (who's 5 months old today!). I thought I was being all sly and funny and bad-ass. Not really, but I at least thought I was being funny. What I didn't anticipate was that I'd be called out by some of you REALLY bad-ass moms who treated pregnancy like it was New Year's Eve on crack. At least that's what you told me in the comments. In no uncertain terms, you said some of my deadly sins were lame.

I'm here to tell you that I wasn't entirely forthcoming before. I played it safe and chose to write about pregnancy faux pas I accidentally fell into. What I didn't tell you about were the ones I knowingly, willingly, joyfully embraced ... and let me warn you, they are seriously criminal. Let's just hope child services isn't reading THIS post.


I drank coffee. Not just once or twice. Every day. I dutifully abstained for most of my first trimester, but that decaf crap (even from Starbucks) wasn't cutting it. Ain't no way I'm giving up my sacred daily coffee just because I'm, you know, growing another human life inside me. And besides, these days doctors and even prudish pregnancy books say it's okay.

I drank wine. So yeah, I know I said I stayed away from alcohol in that other post, but I was drinking when I wrote it. No, actually, I fibbed a little. Go on, judge me. What I should have written was that I mostly stayed away from it, but I did have a glass of white or red here and there. I wasn't like some of you self-professed cocktail-guzzling pregnant women, but this kind of makes me cool, doesn't it? OH, OH, OH ... and I even went wine-tasting. TWICE. Now are you impressed? (Er, um, I spat out most of it. But still ... I'm bad, aren't I?)

I got my hair highlighted. The horror! But do I have to spell it out? Nine months is a hell of a long time to go with nasty, dark roots. I have my image. And need I remind you that I was (sort of) a shotgun bride? Wasn't about to walk down the aisle in the frothy white dress without my blond locks all nice and touched up, now, was I?

I ate deli meat. Tuna and turkey and ham ... oh my! Not that often. But enough to be scolded by judgy moms and brought into the fold by all you rebels.

I took cough medicine with codeine. Aha! Got your attention there, didn't I? Full disclosure: I did that before I found out I was pregnant. I'm not THAT devilish. Oh, and then I promptly threw up. Sorry. TMI.

Are these deadly sins really deadly this time? Are they?


Image via Varis4/Flickr

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