10 Survival Tips for Traveling in Cars With Little Kids

Next week, I leave with the kids for a week-long trip to Disney World. It's their first time and we're all quite excited for the experience ... except for one unfortunate detail: We're driving.


Yes, we are driving from Maryland to Florida. The estimated driving distance? Um, 17 hours. I'm honestly not quite sure what the hell I was thinking. I asked my friends for some survival tips, hoping for some real suggestions that could help make the time more bearable. Sadly, they seem as optimistic as I. Here are their responses ...

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1. Start running. NOW.

2. Sleeping pills. For all of you.

3. A death wish?

4. Xanax and ear plugs.

5. Fly.

6. Just shoot yourself.

7. Lots of snacks. Lots of aspirin.

8. Box up the kids and send them on ahead.

9. Duct tape!

10. Don't go.

Thanks, guys!

So ... wish me luck? And, does anyone actually have some helpful tips?!


Image via Scary Mommy

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