Let the Neighbors Watch Your Kids -- For Sanity's Sake! (VIDEO)

survivor momsAs harsh as we moms can be on each other, it's nothing compared to how tough we can be on ourselves. Mom and blogger Kristen Chase tackles this issue on the latest edition of the Kristen Chase Show. She calls it the "Five Commandments of the Survivor Mom" (five, because, presumably, who has the time for 10?).

I liked all of them (watch the video below) -- but one especially stood out:



Love Thy Neigbor as Thyself, Esepcially When She Offers to Take Your Kids.

Amen, sister. I have been that person who is just barely hanging on to sanity by the edges of my fingernails, but have frequently said, "no, it's OK, I'm fine" when help is offered. And I'll go ahead and say it: That's really, really stupid! Just plain dumb! People do not offer help unless they are willing to provide it...and if they do regret it, that is their problem to work through, not yours.

I used to worry a lot about being judged for needing help, and then for what people might think of me if I actually took it. Guess what...it does not matter a little teeny bit what might be motivating someone to offer to help you. Maybe they are a horrible gossip and are going to tell everyone at playgroup your kids wore ratty underwear...but once people leave high school emotionally if not age-wise, they realize that talking trash about someone says much more about the gossiper than the gossip-ee. Maybe they're doing it for a power play, or proof of their  Sanctimommy Superiority. If it gives you a moment's peace, then who honestly cares? They get to polish their halo and you can get something done without a constant chorus of "Mom. Mom. Mom. Mommy. MOOOMMMMEEE!!!" Win-win, my friends.

Here, more commandments from Kristen:

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