Sea Otters Play Adorable Game of 'Tag' With Little Girl (VIDEO)

girl ottersThis is how much I love otters: When I was a teenager, a boy I was dating surprised me with a keychain shaped like an otter ... and even though I wasn't that into the guy, I kept dating him for months. All because he bought me an otter keychain!

So this video of an adorable little girl having her first otter encounter just kills me. It slays me!!

I've watched my kids do the same exact back-and-forth chase at our local aquarium countless times, and it never gets old. If not for the part about them needing water, otters would clearly make the perfect pets.

And guess what? If your little ones like otters, they'll love the secret trick an aquarium employee taught us one day:


Apparently otters (much like small children) love shiny things. So if you happen to have a not-too-dingy coin on your person, hold it up to the glass of the otter tank and wave it around. Insta-otters!

Although I'm pretty sure all this cutie had to do was run around:

Has your kid ever had an up close and personal encounter like this one with animals at an aquarium or zoo?


Image via JesseShort1977/YouTube

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