50 Mother's Day Gifts Moms REALLY Want

Many moms want to be surprised on Mother's Day. It's just our thing. If we TELL you what we want, then it is somehow less special.

That does not mean that we want to leave our kids and husbands totally in the dark, of course. We all have our ideas about what we would like to do and receive for the big day. And judging from our many reader's submissions when we posed this question, what most moms want is time, whether it is alone, with their kids or just to sleep. It seems time is the most precious gift when we become moms.

We asked many of our thousands of mom readers what they REALLY want for Mother's Day and here are 50 things:




1.) "Another positive pregnancy test."

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2.) "Breakfast, no housework yet not a trashed house by the next day, maybe my favorite chocolates and just being told how much I am appreciated for all I do."

3.) "A Honda Pilot, a positive pregnancy test, and my baby cuddled in bed with me without knowing she came in."

4.) "A gift certificate for a massage and an appointment already scheduled or maid service for a deep cleaning of the house."

5.) "No clock in my room, no husband in my bed and no sounds from the living room, so I can comfortably roll over and go right back to sleep until at least 11 a.m.  That is all I ever really want."

6.) "Perhaps a unicorn would be nice. I'm not terribly picky, but if it had wings as well, I'd be quite grateful."

7.) "Someone helping out without being asked/bribed/forced."

8.) "A day off from EVERYTHING."

9.) "A spare set of boobies. I could use a hand breastfeeding."

10.) "A willingness for all of my kids to be in the same room and not fight. Just for one day!"

11.) "I would love to wake up to the news that my husband got a great job."

12.) "For someone to tell me they appreciate and love me and everything I do for them. A pink car would be cool."

13.) "To sleep in without that damn alarm clock blaring at me, flowers, dinner out, and kids behaving."

14.) "Just one morning to sleep in! My 9 month old loooove being an alarm clock at 4 a.m."

15.) "Breakfast in bed.  I would want to be queen for a day."

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16.) " A 'thank you for being a great mom to our son' and maybe something homemade from my son."

17.) "A day of rest and relaxation. No cooking, no cleaning, no responsibilities. Just for one day. I'm a single mom so it's a rarity. "

18.) "A clean house." (this one again!)

19.) "No war or armed conflict anywhere in the world  -  PEACE ON EARTH!"

20.) "A healthy daughter."

21.) "I want one day with no meltdowns."

22.) "Cuddle time with my kids and significant other and no chores."

23.) "I want to have a 'perfect' day. Relaxing breakfast (or brunch after sleeping in!), a day in the park and window shopping with the kids and husband, and then to come home and have them fix dinner and do the dishes after. I'd catch up on my DVRed shows in the evening, and no one would be cranky or fight with a sibling or anything all day. It would truly be MY day."

24.) "A maid."

25.) "A clean house and quiet kids."

26.) "My husband home from deployment."

27.) "I have no kids at home anymore. I would love to hear from all of them. No cards or gifts, just phone calls...that's all. I love hearing their voices."

28.) "I would like to wake up and find nobody home and a note saying where everybody went and they would be gone until at least 5 p.m. and would return with pizza for dinner."

29.) "A family photo of me and my kids."

30.) "I really want a new tattoo."

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31.) "Eight straight hours of uninterrupted sleep."

32.) "Someone to love, cherish me and respect me for the rest of my life. That would be nice."

33.) "I want to sleep. I want to wake up when I naturally wake up on my own, even if that is 5 p.m. I want to not clean or cook...and not have a disaster to clean up the following day. That's it."

34.) "I'd like to find out I'm going to be a mom after a year and a half of trying."

35.) "Sex!"

36.) "The greatest thing I could ever wish for would be to wake up mother's day morning knowing that the man I love adores me."

37.) "To be able to get a bubble bath without a child bursting in the bathroom."

38.) "To wake up Mother's Day morning 45 pounds lighter and a closet full of new, cute outfits with shoes and purses to match."

39.) "A babysitter crazy enough to take on seven kids. A hot bath and wild sex afterwards."

40.) "My husband in bed beside me...He's ALWAYS an early riser...."

41.) "A new pair of Old Gringo boots and a date night with my husband where he actually acts romantic and doesn't suggest we go to Whataburger."

42.) "Bradley Cooper."

43.) "A card from the son I gave up for adoption. That would make my day."

44.) "I would like to wake up to hubby making breakfast, the kids drawing pictures for me and a maid taking care of my house for the day. I'd also like a quiet hour or so to go to craft stores."

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45.) "I'm a SAHM and would love for my husband to come home and compliment every single thing I've done that day, my two year old to just look at me and say I love you out of the blue, and I hope my baby inside my baby is healthy and kicking. Some flowers would be nice too!"

46.) "I really want a weekend away with hubby and the kids at our favorite resort."

47.) "To quit my job."

48.) "Nothing. I have two beautiful, happy, healthy monsters and an amazing hubby who provides for us. I don't want or need anything."

49.) "A clean, organized house."

50.) "A spring day hiking, going to a baseball game or the zoo with my family."

What do you REALLY want for mother's day?


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