10-Month-Old Does Some Serious Chin-Ups to Watch Cartoons (VIDEO)

baby chin-upsHa! Whoever thinks too much screen time is to blame for the out-of-shape children epidemic needs to watch this video of 10-month-old Jonas doing chin-ups -- seriously, like legit chin-ups -- to get a better view of a Disney cartoon playing on his mom's computer. No joke! Either this kid is crazy strong for a baby or he just really, really loves The Jungle Book (possibly both).

My daughter was obsessed with The Jungle Book at his age, too, but she never performed any amazing feats of strength just to catch a glimpse of Mowgli and Baloo singing "The Bare Necessities." Then again, it never occurred to me to put the TV screen way up high where she couldn't quite see it.

If I had, she might be rocking some Popeye-esque biceps by now!


Really, Jonas will blow you away. And apparently he's still quite the athlete at 17 months old, because his mom offered the following update on YouTube just a few days ago:

"We're teaching him to rock climb now."

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Take that, TV-haters.

Would your baby do chin-ups to see his favorite show?


Image via treangel/YouTube

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