3-Year-Old's 'Periodic Table' Song Makes Chemistry Catchy & Cute (VIDEO)

girl periodic tableAfter watching this video of a 3-year-old who memorized the entire periodic table, all I want to know is this: Why didn't anybody teach me this song before my 11th grade Chemistry mid-term? Because if someone HAD turned me on to this catchy little tune, maybe I could have avoided that ugly C-minus.

That GPA-destroying C-minus.

I mean, come on -- she's 3 years old!

Would you be able to recite the periodic table if someone put you on the spot? (Put your hands down, scientists -- I'm talking about people who don't actually NEED to know.)

Of course not. Which I guess proves the following:


1. Little kids are like sponges. Pour as much knowledge on those absorbent little brains while you still can!

2. Kids can memorize just about anything if it's set to music.

3. I really didn't apply myself in Chemistry class, just like Mrs. What's-her-name always said.

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Seriously, though. Scandium? Dysprosium? Are those even real?

Somewhere, Mrs. What's-her-name is shaking her head in disgust.

Can your toddler remember almost anything if it's part of a song?

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Video: Young Girl Memorizes Periodic Table By Song

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