3-Year-Old Deserves Oscar for Amazing Tantrum Performance (VIDEO)

bowl too heavyIf there's one word I had to choose to describe my 3-year-old daughter, it's drama. There's drama over what she's going to wear, which of her teeth she's going to brush first, and over which parking spot I choose. All drama, all the time. From what I can tell, she's not alone among her toddler peers though; it seems to be their forte. The 3-year-old in this video, however, has a particularly impressive knack for it -- award-worthy even.

Her dad wants her to take her bowl to the sink, but she just finds it "too heavy." She cries; she moans; she wails; and she throws herself about. A complete meltdown as well as much hilarity ensue. It's a performance you don't want to miss. Check it out after the jump.


And the Oscar ... should go to her. My favorite part is that after she's done it, the drama doesn't end. She's still completely unglued that she had to do it, and it was soooo heavy. At least she remembered to pick up her spoon and take it to the sink without being asked.

I'm so glad her dad caught this one film. It's quite reassuring to me that I'm not the only one trapped in such day-to-day drama over the smallest things. I just need to remember to grab my camera more often and see the entertainment value in it rather than the brain-splitting frustration that's usually overshadowing it.

Could your toddler win an award for drama? What's their best performance?


Image via YouTube

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