Baby's Adorable Reaction to Vacuum Isn't What You're Expecting (VIDEO)

baby vacuum gigglingEver wonder why so many new moms have messy houses? The fact that we're too busy trying to figure out a time to wash ourselves, forget that coffee spill in the kitchen, might have something to do with it. But then there's the vacuum cleaner. The loud, scary vacuum cleaner that leaves most babies quaking in their onesies is something many moms are too afraid to turn on when baby's home with her (and when isn't baby home ... you see why the house is dirty?). But there may be hope yet!

Enter Brantley. The adorable baby boy is becoming quite the Internet star for his surprising reaction to that big hunka ear-splitting air-sucking metal. The huge fit of giggles that scary vacuum cleaner brings out of the tiny boy is enough to make every mom re-evaluate everything they know about what's too scary for their kiddos:


Is that not the best reaction a mom could get from a kid when she turns on the vacuum cleaner? If I could get that kind of laugh every time I cleaned my house, you'd be able to eat off the floors around here!

Truth be told, I'm kind of jealous of Brantley's mom. My daughter was of the "I'm going to try to drown out that awful noise with my screams" variety when she was a baby and I wanted to get some housecleaning done. She had a similar reaction to the hand-dryer in public restrooms for the longest time too.

But then, Santa -- bane of so many babies -- never fazed her. Perhaps because her grandfather and most of her great-uncles sport long beards? Who knows, but I got a pass on that one the way Brantley's mom has gotten a pass on the vacuum terrors.

It just proves you never know what's going to set your baby off on a crying fit or a fit of giggles. Hopefully it's the latter, but if you expect the unexpected, well, you just never know ...

What has your kiddo reacted to with giggles, totally surprising you?


Image via tintinhormel/YouTube

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