Stay-at-Home Moms Have a Lot to Learn From Working Moms (VIDEO)

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Episode 2 of The Kristen Chase Show came out on CafeMom Studios this week, and Kristen actually dared to talk about a topic that hits home for all of us -- the dreaded Mommy Wars. (Gasp!)

Don't you pretty much want to run and hide any time that topic comes up? I sure do. I am so over the whole stay-at-home mom vs. working mom debate that I could scream. I mean, why does motherhood have to be this big competition? We're all doing the very best we can to be good parents & role models to our kids while doing what feels right for us and our own families, but it seems like we can't win whether we stay at home, work at home, or head into the office every day. There's always someone who feels the need to criticize us for our choices.

(Can't we all just get along?!)


Kristen is a SAHM of four kids (yes, four!), so she's no stranger to the Mommy Wars, and she knows they aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

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But instead of highlighting how ridiculous the Mommy Wars are, Kristen sat down with Kerry Mazzacano, who is a working mom, to talk about some important lessons that SAHMs can learn from working moms and apply to their parenting.

Watch the show in the video clip below to hear plenty of great tips.

As a former SAHM turned WAHM (who goes into the office a couple times a month), I was able to identify with a lot of what Kristen and Kerry talked about since I've been on both sides of the spectrum.

When I stayed at home all day with my son, I was much more addicted to my iPhone and being online so I could check Facebook and email and connect with other people during the day. But now that I work full-time and spend my working hours online, I'm better able to put down the computer and the phone at the end of the day to unplug and spend quality time with my son. When I'm with him, I'm really with him.

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I also agree that I'm more rigid now about making regular hair appointments, eyebrow waxes, etc., simply because I can't go do those things while my son is at school anymore. My free time is very limited, so I have to snag appointments and keep them when I can.

Are you a SAHM, WAHM, or a working mom? What did you most identify with in this episode, and do you think the Mommy Wars will ever end?

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