5 Ways Kids Make Holidays So Much Better

baby easter bunnySo, I realized something yesterday as I stuffed the fourth stuffed pepper into my mouth at my aunt's house. (What? They were bite-size.) Easter 2012 was (most likely) my last holiday without kids. It was my final holiday just as Nicole Fabian-Weber -- my final holiday before I become, you know, "Mom". And although there have been pu-lenty of things that have scared the bejeezus out of me about impending parenthood, this certainly isn't one of them. I can't wait for holidays with kids!

Holidays are immeasurably more fun and exciting when you've got little ones. They breathe new life into them. And not just for the reasons that you think. Here are 5 ways children make the holidays better. Way better.


They get SO excited about everything. Let's start off with the most obvious first. Anyone who's ever seen the look on a child's face when they encounter Santa Claus, or hell, a cardboard cut-off of Santa Claus, knows what I'm talking about. At the risk of sounding totally corny, they bring the magic back into these special days with their enthusiasm -- and it's infectious. Would you rather watch a bunch of adults hunt for Easter eggs or a bunch of toddlers?

You get to relive everything. After my sister and I got older and stopped believing in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, etc., my parents would always look back fondly on the holidays of yore. And my sister and I would, too! We would reminisce about "the good old days," meaning when we were young. Now I get to do that all over again! The good old days are not forever lost; they just took a hiatus.

Kids get you out of stuff. Selfish, but true. When you have a baby, you can't be bogged down with stuff like clearing the table and doing the dishes. Your child needs you. At least, that's what everybody thinks, right?

You can leave early. I love the holidays, but one thing that's always a bummer -- especially when you have to work the next day -- is getting home late, which always seems to happen. For whatever reason, my husband and I cannot get it together to leave wherever we are when we originally plan, and we wind up getting home hours later than we wanted. I think a baby is a good enough excuse to peace out, no?

You get to do things your way. I loved the way my family did things for holidays when I was younger -- I mean, of course I did, it was my family -- buuut, I wouldn't mind making a few tweaks. A food substitute here, a morning dance party there. My husband and I get to make our very own ideal holidays. Now that's cool.

How has having kids changed your holidays?


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