The Benefits of Having an Only Child (Temporarily)

only childI'm heading out to pick up my little girl after her mini-vacation at Grandma's house. I have missed that lady like nobody's business. Every day her father and I anxiously await her phone calls, even if she mostly says, "I went to a pizza party and swam in the pool goodnight bye." My oldest child is becoming independent, and it is exciting and bittersweet.

Still, these past few days have been kind of magical, and in an unexpected way. My 3-year-old was an only child for a few days, and wow, did it really suit him. That kid really had a chance to shine, and I'm realizing we should be splitting the kids up every now and then so we can have the luxury of hearing only one kid voice and being able to have a conversation without interruption. It was a truly enlightening experience to have one kid again, and here's what I learned:


Apparently it's not the toddler who wakes up his big sister at 5 a.m. and demands they storm mom and dad's bed. Interesting.

Nor is it the little one who is behind the "Let's get out of bed and go interrupt mom and dad's television show to ask an inane question for the fifth time" nightly occurrence.

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The toddler has big opinions, and he can even express them properly when not competing with his big sister.

It's much easier to plan a family dinner when you're only dealing with one picky eater at a time.

Toddlers don't have to yell when they're the only kid trying to get your attention.

And finally, that little brother misses his big sister almost as much as you do.

Does your child benefit from alone time with mom?

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