Zay Zay the Child Comedian Calls Out Lazy Parents (VIDEO)


lazy comedianMuch as I don't like to be called "lazy," I have to admit that adorable 5-year-old comedian/Internet sensation Zay-Zay makes some pretty good points in his latest viral video hit, "Lazy Parents." Especially about the whole Lunchables thing:

"How much time does it take to make lunch? HUH? How much time? This is what you give me?"

I'm not judging -- we all fall back on convenience "foods" from time to time -- I'm just saying he's got a point.

Not to mention the good sense to NOT get on the bad side of potential sponsors:

"I love Lunchables, by the way," he whispers to the camera.


"That's besides the point," he continues. "Make me a real sandwich!"

Of course the delivery is key -- Zay Zay is a natural entertainer. In fact, this video makes me think he could be the next Will Smith. Why? Because it's kind of like a little kid's take on "Parents Just Don't Understand."

Check this out ...

What a personality, right? "Lazy, lazy, lazy!"

Do you think Zay Zay could be the next Will Smith?

Image via KevOnStage/YouTube

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