Brave Girl Lets Us Laugh at Her Hilarious Reaction to Dental Drugs (VIDEO)

Wisdom Teeth GirlTell the truth. Do you love to hate the parents who post embarrassing videos of their kids to YouTube? My friends, that ship has sailed. Introducing the world of mortifying viral videos posted for the world to mock ... by the kid!

This week's edition comes courtesy of YouTube user amcooksey, a teenager videotaped -- by her mom it seems -- after having her wisdom teeth removed. The drugs this girl was on inspired some David After Dentist-type hilarity ('memba him?), including her insistence that she is a wizard. Not just any wizard, mind, but one who attends the one and only Hogwarts!

But there's an important distinction between one of the most famous videos in YouTube history and this one.


Amcooksey uploaded this video herself, fully aware that the world would see her looking like a doofus (I mean that in the nicest of ways, I swear) and "remembering" that she is a student at Harry Potter's alma mater. She embarrassed herself. Not her parents. And I can't help loving her for it. Take a look:

Good on these parents! They left it up to their child to disseminate the hilarity rather than invite the Internet to make fun of their child at her expense. Add on top of that the fact that they have clearly raised a kid who has the self-assuredness to laugh at herself, and I'm calling it a bit of a parenting win. Heck, they even raised a wizard ... talk about magical parenting!

What hilarity of your kids' have you caught on camera, but decided to save until they can decide whether it's appropriate?


Image via amcooksey/YouTube

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