11 Easter Bunny Photo Fails That Will Crack Parents Up

scary vintage easter bunny

I don't claim to be the most religious woman on the block, but Easter has long been one of my favorite holidays. It always (knock wood) seems to fall on a day that's lovely and warm and sunny, signifying the real start of spring. It's not one of those stressful holidays, where you have to shop for tons of gifts, wrap gifts, and generally drive yourself mad. You just get to dye Easter eggs and eat chocolate. And, of course, there are giant bunnies. And with giant bunnies come hilarious photos of kids ... screaming with giant bunnies.

easter bunny scared kid photo

What?! Is that that a ridiculously scary Easter Bunny behind me ... who looks like he's going to eat me?! It is? Okay, just checking.

vintage easter bunny photo

This kid actually looks pretty happy. That bunny on the other hand ... I think he's auditioning for a new low-budget horror flick in which the Easter Bunny is actually a serial killer.

easter bunny fail photo

He's not terrified. He's not excited. He really just isn't impressed by the Easter Bunny. But he is one cute kid.

kids scared to meet the easter bunny

There's a wide range of emotions going on here: one kid interested in his gloves, one kid gazing off into the distance, and ... one kid screaming in abject terror. Ah, family memories.

easter bunny fail photo

And here's another screaming kid. But I don't know why she's screaming because her Easter Bunny is dressed like Prince. That makes him one cool rabbit.

easter bunny sad baby

E for effort, Mom! It's too bad your enthusiasm couldn't save the photo for everyone.

baby crying with easter bunny

Chin up, kid. He may look scary, but he's supposed to bring you candy!

baby crying while meeting the Easter Bunny

This kid would really, really rather not meet this guy. No, seriously, Mom. Come back. Take me away before he hides me like one of those Easter eggs!

baby crying easter bunny

In this kid's defense, that's one of the worst quality bunnies we've ever seen. Where are the fluffy cheeks? 

smiling easter bunny with crying baby

Is it the Easter Bunny or your dad? Why do they look so much alike? This is all too confusing.

scary vintage easter bunny

Can you blame these kids for crying? This Easter Bunny is so scary he almost makes me want to cry!

Whether it's a vintage bunny or the 2018 update, one thing is true: Kids really, really aren't down with this Easter Bunny character. Sure, they like it when he brings chocolate eggs in the middle of the night when they don't have to see him. But in person? With reactions like these, it may be better to skip the bunny photos and eat some extra Easter candy instead.

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