Baby Gets the Giggles Trying to Out-Sneeze Dad (VIDEO)

baby laugh sneezeBabies and sneezes are just an endlessly winning combination. Whether it's a baby laughing hysterically at a grown-up's achoo or making an adorably alarmed/surprised face after his own nose explosion, you can pretty much count on the cute factor being way up there.

But this little guy takes his silly sneeze reaction to the next level. He doesn't just giggle at daddy's sinus shenanigans, he mimics them. Monkey see, monkey do ... monkey is sooo sweet I can hardly stand it!


Just watch! I think my favorite part is toward the end when big sister gets in on the action ... there is just nothing better than the sound of big belly laughs coming from tiny little bellies.

To die for, right? Oh, if only life could stay this simple. Trust me, once they're past the toddler phase, your kids aren't the least bit entertained by exaggerated symptoms of hay fever.

Does your baby think sneezes are funny?

Image via MotherAtHeart25/YouTube

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