Crazy April Fools' Day Pranks Kids Pull on Parents -- Consider Yourself Warned! (VIDEOS)

April Fool's DayWith each April 1 that passes, I am coming to realize that April Fools' Day will never be as fun as it was back in high school. By the time they're teenagers, kids have enough imagination to devise pranks that are truly over-the-top. And only teenagers have TIME to waste setting up elaborate jokes that will result in five seconds -- tops -- of "getting one over" on their subject.

The problem of course, is we, the parents, end up being that subject! We get short-sheeted. We get tape on the kitchen sprayer and plastic on the toilet seat. 

And now for the good news! 


Teens who pull pranks on their parents are dumb enough to share the evidence on YouTube these days ... so you can prepare yourself. Because kids these days are mean!

No parent of a teenager wants to hear they're about to be a grandparent. Just don't get caught out like this dad did:

Remember what I said about the amount of TIME teens have on their hands? You might want to keep that in mind when you open the bedroom door in the morning ... you might find a whole lot of water out there! Hopefully your kids will stop there ... unlike this poor guy's pranksters:

A word of advice, Moms? Do not take your kid's word on anything they say to you this weekend ... especially not a plan to give up on college:

Go ahead. Forbid your kids from getting a puppy. They will get back at you:

Don't think your college kid is a drug addict? Then you shouldn't exactly trust them when they call with word that they're being kicked out of college:

Ah, teen drivers. So reckless. Such jerks when they call their parents on April Fools' Day:

What pranks have your kids tried to pull on you? Help your fellow parents so they don't get caught out this April Fools' Day!


Image via erix!/Flickr

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