5 Gamer Terms All Kids Use & All Parents Should Know

gamer shirtHey there, moms and dads! Are you "newbies" to the wonderful world of gamer lingo? Check this out: Newbie is a gamer term, apparently! Bet you didn't know that.
Of course, it's not that hard to figure out what "newbie" means -- but some of the other words your teen uses on a daily basis probably seem completely indecipherable. Like, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics-level indecipherable. How are you supposed to figure out what your kids are talking about? Why don't these words have any vowels?

Don't stress. We get it. That's why we've put together this cheat sheet of gamer terms and their meanings. Hey, the last thing you want is your kid ROFL because you don't know what ROFL means.
(Yup, that's official gamer lingo too!)

Gamer Lingo Glossary:

binds – I'm told that binds are the key mappings used in games. This term can refer to your controls and/or the action of mapping actual commands, something usually done by use of configs. I don't know what any of that means, but I do know what configs are ...

config – Configs are configuration files, which determine settings for specific games. Okay, that makes sense. Like "settings" on a laptop or a smart phone (I guess). See, this stuff is easy.

gg – An abbreviation for "good game," typically used as a post-game courtesy (especially in competitive matches). Look at that! Gamers have manners! Nice.

gl – An abbreviation for "good luck;" teams are expected to use this term before competitive events. Quite sporting of them, I must say.

hax – You definitely don't want to be associated with these: Hacks are ways people find to cheat in online games. Like automatic aiming and seeing through walls. (Seeing through walls sounds pretty cool, though.)

Just wait for the look on your kid's face when you show off your new knowledge of gamer lingo! It'll probably look like he's horrified, but really? He's super proud.

Do you know any gamer terms?


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