Pregnant Woman Performs Incredible Labor-Inducing Dance (VIDEO)

pregnant dancePregnancy and dancing aren't mutually exclusive by any means, and over the years, we've seen plenty of women boogieing down with bellies out to there. But we've never seen anything like this pregnant woman dancing.

Posted under the name GabeandJess on YouTube, the woman says she's 38 weeks pregnant with TWINS (yes, twins!), and this was her last resort to bring them into the world already. "After 16 days of contractions, lost parts or all of my mucus plus 14 times, 4cm dilated, 70% effaced, numerous false alarms, and virtually no sleep.... I have no other options... ;)," she wrote. What she does next you will not believe.



Can I get a collective, "OMG!" Did you see her kicks? And those splits! I exercised throughout both of my pregnancies and tried to stay as active as possible, but there's no way I could have done what she's doing. Toward the end I found it difficult to even climb the stairs and tell my son good night. So I for one am majorly impressed.

I also love her daughter dancing with her, and the fact that she collapses on the floor in exhaustion toward the end while her mom keeps on keeping on. What an incredible memory to show the babies one day.

Unfortunately, as of yet, all of that dancing hasn't done her any good as far as inducing labor. On her Facebook page, which now has almost 20,000 fans, she said Tuesday that she's still pregnant. Hopefully, she'll keep dancing until the end.

Did you dance while you were pregnant? Are you amazed this woman can move like this while this pregnant with twins?


Image via YouTube

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