19-Month-Old Is Blown Away by His Own Shadow (VIDEO)

boy finds shadowThere are some moments from my children's lives I would give anything to have captured. Unfortunately (or I suppose fortunately in some cases), I just can't keep the video camera going 24/7, so I've missed some of those precious moments that happen when you least expect them. One that I immensely regret not capturing was when my kids first saw their shadows. It's just such a magical, fascinating thing to watch as they discover the power they have over this strange presence.

Fortunately for the family of the 19-month-old boy in the following video, Devin, they caught him discovering his. It's adorable to see him figuring out that he can actually make it move. At first he seems terrified, then he becomes fascinated. Watch after the jump as he starts making the connections.


Who needs toys when there's something that cool to play with? I love toward the end when he tries to tackle it.

I remember being at a park while on vacation when my son discovered his for the first time. He just couldn't believe that something so incredible was his to control, and he ran back and forth playing with his shadow until he was exhausted.

It's those little moments that make all the hard work of parenting and the day-to-day drudgery worth it. Because even if we don't capture them on film, they're the ones that capture our hearts forever.

Do you remember when your children first discovered their shadows? Did you capture it on film?


Image via YouTube

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