10 Classic Symptoms of Mommy Brain

Last week, I spent 10 minutes looking for the phone while actually on the phone. Sadly, this type of thing is far from unique. I swear, I had a brain ... once. Now? I have Mommy Brain. Here are some symptoms my friends suffer, as well. Sound familiar?


1. My mental checklist when leaving the house actually has 'pants' on it. Pants? Check.

2. I didn't notice I had two different shoes on until the end of the day when one of my kids pointed it out to me.

3. I walk into the kitchen, open all the cabinets, and have no idea why I'm there.

4. I write myself a note so when I get to the car, I remember where I am heading.

5. Today, I was sitting at my desk and thought, oh, I need to take my medicine. Turned, opened the desk drawer, stared at my purse, and went, "What did I open this for?"

6. After a long hard day and getting some me time finally, I sat down to watch TV ... tried to use my phone as the remote ... thought the battery was dead and kept hitting it.

7. Lately I'd send a TEXT MESSAGE and then hold the phone up to my ear to hear the response.

8. Spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why my Crock-Pot wouldn't turn on only to realize I never plugged it in.

9. I lose my car pretty regularly ... no, not the keys ... the actual whole big SUV. I can never remember where we parked because I was chasing a toddler or something. Once I spent close to an hour wandering the wrong parking garage.

10. Panicked in a parking lot as I stared at the empty back seat of my car. Somebody stole my son's carseat!! Who does that!??? Oh wait ... that wasn't my car.

Do YOU suffer from Mommy Brain too?

Image via Scary Mommy

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