Sweet Little Boy Gives NYC Taxi Driver the Best Tip (VIDEO)

kellen cab rideIf you've never been to NYC, there's something you should know before watching this video: The average conversation with a taxi driver doesn't involve spontaneous declarations of love or thoughtful inquiries about the well-being of family members. Just wanted to make that clear, lest you think what happens in this video is an everyday occurrence.

Maybe it's because 3-year-old Kellen is from out of town, or maybe it's because he's 3, or maybe this ride was just a perfect storm of kind-hearted cabbie, curious kid and easy-going parents.

Whatever the case, I can tell you two things for certain:


1. Kellen made this cab driver's day. Made his week! Maybe even his month.

2. You'll never look at a random taxi driver in quite the same way after watching this video. Maybe you'll never look at a random anybody in quite the same way again.

Just watch ...

I think my favorite line is "I love you, but I have to go with my family."

Well said, Kellen.

Can you see your kid doing something like this?


Image via katesadventures/YouTube

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