Spa Treatments for Kids Are Ridiculous, Unless ...

spa services for kidsYou'll excuse me for totally not realizing we were no longer in the middle of economic hard times in America, as I look around and see all of these high end spas trotting out a kids' menu for services. Yep, a kids' menu so your children can spend some time relaxing and beautifying themselves for hundreds of dollars. Children as young as 4 years old are included in some of these spa packages, because ... why? Pre-school is hard? Art time has gotten way too competitive?

What the heck is going on, America? Why are we treating our kids like they need to be pampered beyond "Here's your snack, go play"?

I think I have an idea as to the why. Mostly because I'm guilty of the charges, on three counts.


I think we can all agree that moms need a little "me" time. Pedicures, blow-outs, makeup, and massages can all be justified for the hard working mama. Of course, that same hard working mom never has time to get to the spa. Not alone, anyway. Which is why my daughter from ages birth until a few months ago has accompanied me on many a trip to a beautifying location.

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Sure I was worried how her infant brain might process mommy's bikini wax, but by the time she went with me to the makeup studio, she was already a pro at leaving mommy alone so I could chill out and enjoy the pampering. Even though that meant she got her own professional makeup application, or the "Sweet Pea" for the under 10 set for only $10. Pair that look with the "Shirley Temple" blow-out she's sporting above ($24), and that kid is ready for her close-up.

The fact is, I rarely get out by myself to do anything even remotely resembling pampering. So my daughter goes with me on occasion. I don't want her to think this is the norm, and hopefully she doesn't since it's rare that I even go, much less with my little fashionista at my side.

The downside to this is, of course, that she even knows these services exist. I didn't have a pedicure in a salon until I was in my 20s. She was 4. (Again, mama needed one too.) But since I don't plan on supplementing her beauty services, she'll have to get a job and pay for her own if she ever wants to make this a regular thing. Otherwise, it's home spa night for the girls in my house as we take turns painting each other's toes.

Would you take your kid to a spa?

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