Tiny Tot & Her Furry Friend Sing the Blues (VIDEO)

What do an adorable cutiesNfuzzieslittle girl and her hound dog have to be sad and sorrowful about? Actually, scratch that -- the toddler in this video looks like a pretty happy-go-lucky kid, just digging on her harmonica. Feeling the music. The hound dog, on the other hand, he's feeling mighty low down. Cause, you know, he ain't nothin' but a hound dog ... I don't really have to finish that sentence, do I?


Anyway, the blues have never sounded so ... cute. I think these two are ready to take their act on the road, don't you? I'd buy a ticket.

Maybe they should record a single first, though ...

I smell a Best New Artist Grammy. Category: Blues.

Which one do you think is cuter, the kid or the dog?


Image via CutiesNFuzzies/YouTube

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