Clever 'Sexy & I Know It' Spoof Proves Pregnant Ladies Still Have It (VIDEO)

It's so easy to lose your sense of humor during pregnancy. Your body changes in so many ways -- you gain weight, retain water, feel alternatively both thirsty and starving, and are generally just not yourself.

This is why any preggo with a sense of humor is my hero. A video on YouTube starring Angela Profitt who is about 34 weeks (according to the song) is starting to go viral. It sets a (totally hilarious) pregnant woman off dancing to LMFAO's (horrible) song "Sexy and I Know It." Only this one is "I'm Pregnant and I Know It." It's sheer brilliance. See below:


Of course, it would be impossible when you are as preggo as she is NOT to know it. Most of us who have been in that uncomfortable state couldn't have missed it.

It's especially humorous when juxtaposed with all the shows about NOT knowing you are pregnant. Her belly is pretty can't-miss, right? Also: Who here is NOT impressed with her moves? For a woman as pregnant as she is, she is pretty spry.

She may be pregnant and she knows it, but she may not also know she's sexy, too! LMFAO would be proud, no?

Did this bring back memories of pregnancy for you?


Image via Tommeeprofitt/YouTube

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