3-Year-Old Girl & Her Dog Have the Most Touching Bond (VIDEO)


Any dog lover who has ever been pregnant can attest to the number of times she has been told "dogs and kids don't mix." There seems to be this pervasive notion that dogs can't stay in a home with babies. It's nonsense and no one knows this better than Alida Knobloch, a 3-year-old girl whose golden doodle named Mr. Gibbs is her best friend for more reasons than just being a dog lover.

Little Alida suffers from a rare lung condition called neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia of infancy, or NEHI, which affects only 500 children in the US. It means she needs an oxygen tank at all times, which also means she could easily be confined to not being able to run around or play the way she would like. That's where Gibbs comes in to the picture.

He can carry her tank for her as she plays and swings and runs and acts like any normal 3-year-old. See below:


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As a mom, I can't even imagine what the Knobloch family went through watching their daughter suffer from this illness. I love my dog (and our kids love our dog), but this brings it to a whole different level.

All we want for our children is the opportunity to be happy. This is what this dog has given to Alida. I would imagine that he must get more than a milk bone for his work.

The fact is, dogs serve so many purposes in a family's life. This is one of them. But they are also just a wonderful member of a family. When my kids name the people in their family, they would never leave out Rocky (our beloved dog) or Melvin (our obese cat). We adore them, too.

When people say dogs are bad for kids, they are so very wrong. Sure, we hear the stories of bad things dogs do to kids, but by and large, dogs really are everyone's best friend (not just man's), and I think little Alida would agree.

Doesn't this story just warm your heart?


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