Our Moms & Dads Had It WAY Easier Than We Do As Parents

I'm the mother of three incredibly lovely children. They range in age from 3 to 10 and are the great loves of my life. They're also causing me gray hair, which I think goes along with motherhood quite nicely. 

Every time I remark to my mother something to the effect of, "Man, these kids are wearing me out," instead of sympathy, my mother dryly informs me that "this is what kids do." 

Thanks, Mom. Glad to know it. 

But now? Whether or not she knows it, parenting is WAY harder than it used to be. 


1) My parents had family dinner, which meant that everyone sat around the table talking about their day. Now I learn about my kid's day by reading his Twitter stream and nonsensical text messages.

2) My parents never had to watch To Catch a Predator and worry that the guy on the show looked an awful lot like our neighbor down the block.

3) When we were young, nobody wanted to play video games. Everything looked like a square, and the "music" was a set of four repeating beeps. No one could take that for longer than 15 minutes without wanting to drive an ice pick through their brain.

4) My parents just told me, "GO PLAY OUTSIDE" without having to worry about when (not if) I was going to be kidnapped, ransomed, and/or killed by strangers.

5) We had a computer that didn't connect to the Internet -- there was no threat of pervies on Facebook or MySpace trying to "score a date" with my 12-year-old self.

6) Having a one-income family meant that Mom was always at home to cook dinners, make cookies, go shopping, and pretend to pay attention to me so that I'd go play with my princess gown somewhere else.

7) If I wanted to tell the world how patently unfair my parents were being, I had to take out a billboard, not post it on my Facebook wall.

Why do YOU think parenting is harder now?


Image via lornzolambertino/Flickr

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