10 Things You Never Want to Hear Out of Your Teen's Mouth

Ah, parenting a teenager. It's so much fun, isn't it? Between the ever-present sarcasm and the utter inability to believe that their parents have anything worthwhile to say, being a parent of a teen can leave you feeling like you've been beaten to a bloody pulp.

While most of what comes out of the mouths of teens is bad enough, here are some of the worst things your teenager can tell you:


1) "No, not THAT nipple ring -- my eyebrow ring."

2) "I'll get [insert girlfriend's name] next to the four-leaf clover tattoo I got down in Mexico. I'm 16 -- love is FOREVER. Didn't you see Twilight, Mom?"

3) "What do you MEAN, I can't spray paint my bedroom black?"

4) "No, of course I don't smoke pot in my room -- that's what the tree house is for!"

5) "I'm ready to be on Teen Mom, now. Hollywood, here I come!"

6) "Of COURSE it was me who used your credit card to charge $1,000,000 to FarmVille! I needed to take care of my imaginary crops!"

7) "I'm going to be outta here soon. I just sent this Nigerian Prince, who is like, totally related to me, our bank account numbers so he can TOTALLY send me 1,000,000 pounds or something." 

8) "Of COURSE I didn't take your car. I took the neighbor's car -- he sleeps late and never notices when we go joyriding."

9) "Well, we can always go on Jerry Springer!"

10) "Nope, I'm not going to college -- I'm off to LA to become a superstar. I mean, look at how well Lindsay Lohan did!"

What other words do you never want to hear coming from your teen's mouth?


Image via D. Sharon Pruitt/Flickr

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