Boy Will Never Pick Mom to Play on His Soccer Team Again (VIDEO)

kid ballKids are nothing if not resilient -- and it's a good thing, too, considering they're like little walking balls of disaster. Accidents waiting to happen. This is usually because their balance and coordination skills still have a long way to go, but not always. Sometimes it's just a kid's size that makes him an easy target. Like that phase of toddlerhood when your child's head is at the same level of things like a kitchen table's sharp corner. (These kids are easy to spot -- just look for the telltale bruise/bump on one side of the forehead.)

The unfortunate little boy in this video appears to be at this distinct developmental juncture. Poor guy! He was just playing ball in the park, happy as a ... kid playing ball in the park -- when suddenly mom kicked said ball just a little bit too hard.


I don't know if I feel worse for the mom or the little boy. I mean, getting a ball kicked smack in the middle of your face by your very own mommy ain't no kinda picnic, but neither is knowing that you just kicked a ball smack in the middle of your very own kid's innocent little face.

There are no winners here, people:

At least we can take comfort in the resiliency thing, right? By the end of the video, he's all happy and ready to have another go at the ball, which is definitely encouraging ... still. Poor tiny dude.

Do you feel worse for the kid in this video or the mom?

Image via AstrumDee/YouTube

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