Boy Has Adorable Reaction to Seeing Bubbles for the First Time (VIDEO)

bubblesThere’s something about bubbles that's magical. They’re just soap and water, but with a little bit of breath, they’re transformed into floating globes with glints of rainbows. Even when they pop, their delicate little splat is delightful.

Children are especially mesmerized by them, and the little boy in this following video is downright tickled by them when he sees them for the first time. They’re the funniest thing he’s ever seen, and his laugh is one of the cutest you’ll ever here. Prepare to smile!


Love him! It’s among the most hilarious reactions to bubbles ever. If I were his parents, I'd blow them all day long just to listen to that sound. 

While different children seem fascinated by different things, bubbles never fail. I don't have my children's first time seeing them on film, but I wish I did. Still at 8 and 3, they love them though, and so do I.

Do you remember your child's first time seeing bubbles?

Image via YouTube

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