Seeking Cool Mommy With Tolerable Child for Play Date ...

cute kids on play dateRemember when your first born was about 9 months old and a play date was the furthest thing from your mind? Finally, you ventured back into the real world; the wobbly legs, dry mouth, and slight dizziness. But you soldiered on and took your precious little one and yourself back out into the general population, germs be damned. You needed some adult conversation and so you pursued your first play date.

It’s not like you can write a want ad; Mommy seeking Cool Mommy with tolerable child, preferably cute, compliant, respectful and plays well with others for play date. Can you?


If only it were that simple, we’d all be doing it. We all know that play dates are not just about the children, right? We Mommies need some social interaction, as well, for the sake of our sanity.

Here are my qualities I seek in a play date partner ...


  • Must like coffee, wine and be able to engage in good conversation.
  • Must be open-minded, quick-witted and have a working understanding of the concept of LOL. Cannot be a chronic complainer.
  • Must like picnics in the park and long walks around the zoo, children’s museums and the local farmer’s market.
  • Must be able to laugh, not take herself too seriously and not be a gold medalist in the Mom-petition Olympics. A little crunchy around the edges but not a full-on nut.
  • And never, ever, ever suggest that we take the kids to Cootie infested germ soup areas such as McDonald's, Chik-Fil-A or any other Food/play area. This is grounds for immediate dissolution of the play date relationship.


  • Adorable.
  • Plays well with others, shares and is well-behaved.
  • Does not throw tantrums and exhibit other bad behaviors that your child may pick up.
  • Does not hit, spit, bite or lick other children or adults (for that matter).
  • Belongs to a semi-crunchy, funny, clean, non-crazy, completely entertaining Mom who makes a mean cup of coffee.

If you were allowed to hand pick your play dates what would be your top ten qualities that you would look for in a play date couple (Mommy and child)?

Image via Deborah Cruz

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