Must See: 9 Months of Pregnancy in 90 Seconds (VIDEO)

90 Second Pregnancy VideoWhen you're pregnant it often feels like the months drag on and on. Even those who love every knocked-up moment will admit that sometimes it feels like they've been pregnant forever. Then the baby arrives, and we look back on that time as just a fleeting moment before things got real.

One couple captured this sentiment beautifully in a time-lapse video that's been making its way around the web. In just 90 seconds, they depict their journey from finding out they were pregnant until the baby's arrival. It's amazing how much emotion they're able to convey in such a short amount of time. See for yourself after the jump.


It's so simple, but so powerful. I love the way you see them change homes, and imagine them preparing for the baby's birth. As much as it's intriguing to watch her body change, I have to say I'm also fascinated by her moving bun and the pets coming and going as well.

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It's a gorgeous way to document a pregnancy, and a perfect look at the miracle of life when all goes as planned. Of course, some of us who struggled with infertility and traumatic births would have videos that look much different than this, and it definitely skips right over any of the hard parts of the process, but it's a lovely look at one couple's beautiful story regardless.

The end scene is the best with beautiful Amelie Amaya joining her parents. I can't wait to see how they decide to document her life.

Do you love this video? Would the video of your pregnancy look similar?

Image via YouTube

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