Parents Reveal Their Weirdest Google Searches ...

google searchI don't know about you, but when the warning went out a few weeks ago that everything you have ever plugged into Google could soon be fair game for advertisers, I got a little worried. I am a good girl, I swear! But ever since I became a mother, I've found my Google searches have been a little . . . odd.

It's both the blessing and the curse of being a parent in the digital age. When we asked bizarre questions, our parents told us to go read an encyclopedia or better yet, go play in traffic. But when our kid asks or even does something that's just a little off, we can't help ourselves. I mean, the Internet is right there, it would hurt to look, would it?

Well, that depends, does your Google search history look anything like this pile of bizarre entries from parents around the states?

  • What makes farts smell so bad besides the fact that they come from your butt?
  • Son waving arms weird
  • It hurts when I poop
  • Is eating hair dangerous?
  • What do baby mice eat (this was an attempt to convince my son that we could NOT nurse the four baby mice that he found in the garden and tried to smuggle in his hat up to his room)
  • Can the goo inside a lunchbag ice pack kill you if it leaks into your sandwich?
  • How to make the screaming stop
  • Lyrics to every song in Toy Story -- all three of them
  • What is the real name of Po's master in Kung Fu Panda and (more importantly) what the heck is he?
  • Why do dog paws smell like Doritos?
  • Why do kids insist in licking the dog?
  • Why do cats lick their butts?
  • Daughter's hair shedding is clogging my drain
  • How to fake a visit from fairies
  • How to make a kid tell you what they really do at school all day
  • Can a person survive if they won't eat anything green?

Come on, you know you can top these. What's the wackiest thing lurking in your Google search history ... because of your kids of course (wink, wink)?


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